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If you have been charged with driving while impaired in North Carolina and are here, You have a lot more questions than answers.

I can help. Call the Office TODAY 336-996-5900 for a FREE Consultation. I will explain everything that is going on, and how it can affect your future . . . . and I will advise you how I will defend your case.

DWI laws in North Carolina are very complex. From the stop, to the roadside test, to the Arrest, to the breath or blood test, to your rights being advised, and to your release. Every step has been the subject of numerous laws and many more Appelate Cases. It's a Legal Minefield! And you need a well versed and experienced DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY to represent you.

John Barrow is that Attorney! Over 20 Years of DWI Trials and countless acquittals. Ask around, the word in Forsyth County, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Walkertown and Clemmons is that John Barrow is the MAN if you are charged with DWI.

Just because you are charged, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GUILTY! The law is a demanding thing, and oftentimes the officer that charges you will not do everything required by law during your DWI. If so, that is a defense, and a Defense oftentimes means NOT GUILTY!

Don't Delay, Call my office today! 336-996-5900 To get your case reviewed by ONE OF THE TOP DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEYS in the county! Free of Charge!

If your are serious about your DWI, and you should be because being found guilty or pleading guilty will profoundly change your life for many years to come. Call Today 336-996-5900

Payment Plans are available, so there is no reason not to get my opinion of your case.

DWI defense is both an art and a science. Attorneys handling these complex cases must be well-versed in human physiology, chemistry, electronics and (to a limited degree) the field of psychometrics [for addressing field sobriety testing matters].

DWI Sobriety Tests in North Carolina

In North Carolina several devices are used for breath alcohol testing.   All operate off either infrared spectroscopy or by means of a fuel cell, or both methods of detection/analysis.

There are many ways to challenge evidence from these machines. DWI defense attorneys must understand the internal workings of any breath testing device used in your case in order to be able to cross-examine the state's witnesses effectively on the breath machine's alleged accuracy.

In DWI cases, the "opinion" evidence [about the driver's alleged ‘impairment'] gathered by police officers typically consists of field sobriety test and observations of the way the driver drove, acted, smelled, spoke or walked shortly after being stopped or confronted by the officer. These agility exercises are supposed to indicate that the person suspected of drunk driving was actually impaired or in some way "a less safe driver."  North Carolina Courts have allowed convictions to be sustained upon the highly questionable field sobriety test, even when the officer is untrained in proper administration of field test, or is trained, but does them contrary to training or sometimes when every “clue” of possible impairment is equally or more likely to have been caused by some health or medical condition of the driver, not alcohol or drug use.

Many cases I encounter the field test are not given uniformly or in strict compliance with the “standardized” training that is essential to have any reliability at all.  No scientific basis exists for claiming they are valid indicators of ‘impairment' versus just being too difficult for many people to master as they stand on the shoulder of a busy highway.  Most officers either require the wrong tests or improperly instruct the suspect on how to perform the tests. John Barrow is an experienced DWI defense attorney can sometimes obtain a pre-trial ruling that the so-called ‘field tests' and their alleged indication of impairment must be excluded from evidence (or not be characterized as ‘tests' in front of the jury) due to lack of a true scientific foundation or because the officer gave faulty instructions or failed to demonstrate the way he/she wanted the tests to be performed, or because the officer failed to ask the required screening questions to “qualify” the driver as being a proper test subject.

These are just a few examples of the level of intensive, specialized training and knowledge required in DWI matters. These cases require detailed investigation and discovery of the States case and preparation of the Defense of the case. I can help.

For a Qualified Winston-Salem DWI Attorney, Call John Barrow!

If you are facing DWI charges in Winston-Salem or any of the surrounding area in North Carolina, give John Barrow a call! We provide aggressive DWI defense and fight by your side every step of the way throughout the entire process. Click below to get in touch with us, or call 336-996-5900 to speak with a DWI attorney today!

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