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We'll Race to your Defense"


Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Winston-Salem, NC

Innocent people are convicted of crimes every day. Even people who have committed some crime are convicted of much worse crimes only to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

If you have been accused of a crime, you are facing a legal battle that will forever change the course of your life. You are up against a prosecution team backed by the resources of the government with a single purpose -- to get a conviction.

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney that will Fight for You!

Without an experienced criminal defense team fighting for you, you are in an unfair fight . You should act fast and act decisively. Don't wait to take action -- it may save your life! When you are faced with criminal charges, it is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney who will stand with you and fight for you in court. John J. Barrow is that attorney and, with over 21 years of trial experience, is dedicated to helping clients get the best outcome possible in their case. He handles trials in Superior and District Court, with charges ranging from murder to drug offenses and everything in between. If you are in the Winston-Salem area and have criminal charges against you, give the Law Offices of John J. Barrow a call and get a no cost defense analysis today!


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